Vik was on my first team I ever had in Bioengineering. No one knew anyone yet Vik seemed very approachable and willing to help. While brainstorming as to what we should do for our first team project we came up with an idea to create a blackjack game in Mathematica, however none of us had the capabilities to perform such a task. However Vik stood up bravely and told us about how he could do it, and quite easily I might add. From that day forward I knew he was a smart and kind individual whom I could and did rely on periodically whenever I needed help on schoolwork.

However school wasn't the only thing Vik helped me with. From time to time I would see him and a couple of other classmates of ours playing computer games in the senior design room. One day I noticed them playing a game I had enjoyed when I was young and had lost a couple of years ago. When I exclaimed how much I had loved the game Vik informed me he could easily produce the game for me….for free. I have enjoyed playing the game ever since, and I have Vik to thank for that.

[Mike Vukovich]

Vik was someone that I was aware of as a member of my engineering classes for the first few semesters here at Binghamton. Vik was someone I called my friend and cared about once I finally got the chance to work with him directly and get to know him better. We worked on several different projects over the course of junior and senior year, none more important than this year's senior design project. This experience, although grueling and unrewarding at times, is something I will always keep close to my heart not as a academic success but because of the people it allowed to me to really meet and the good times we had as a result.

Vik was an integral part of our team not only because of his technical expertise but because of his sense of humor and kind disposition. No matter what was asked of him he quietly generated material that regularly exceeded my expectations. This to me was even more impressive because of his constant willingness to help others for no reward other than their sincere appreciation. This is something I will always remember and respect Vik for because in a society too often defined by how much "stuff" you have or how many "friends" you have online he understood better than anyone what was really important about a person. He always put others before himself and that is something that with his passing is unfortunately even scarcer in the world.

Long after we head our separate ways and become successful in whatever it is we choose to do I will have the memories of Vik, my design team and the entire bioengineering class of 2010 fresh in my mind. I honestly believe there is no closer group of students on the entire campus and this if nothing else has helped us to pass the endless hours in that basement with our sanity in tact. I appreciate everything that Vik and the rest of you have done for me over the years and I can only hope I did my part in equally contributing. Although this journey is coming to an end I encourage everyone not to forget what we have really learned in college, that humanity is what makes life worth living and that we are now all better people for having Vik as a part of our lives.

[Kyle Hoellger]

Although I didn't know Vik as well as some of my classmates, he still holds a very important place in my heart as well as the Bioengineering class of 2010. I remember Vik as a quiet, polite, and friendly individual. I know from personal experiences with him that he was always willing to help whether it was homework or questions about an upcoming exam. Regardless of being busy himself, he always found time to listen and explain material to anyone in the class. Our Bioengineering class was an incredible group of motivated and bright minds; we have grown together the last four years, we have helped each other and we have struggled together. Vik played a major role throughout the years. He was a mentor, a problem solver, but most importantly he was a good friend. Although it pains all of us to say goodbye to him, I believe that all of us are better people for knowing Vik, he was truly a wonderful person.

[Matt Spaulding]

I met Vik sophomore year and had a project with him in Hiroki’s class. He had such a passion for coding and wanted to fully understand all of the material. Vik was smart, quiet, helpful, patient, and an all around nice guy. I remember working on one of Professor Beaumont’s labs, and Vik was working hard to help our section finish the assignment. He stayed late to help me with any problems in my code. Whenever anyone asked Vik a question, he sincerely wanted to help and would make sure we understood it completely before leaving. I wish I got to know Vik better on a more personal level, but know he impacted me throughout our time together at Binghamton University. In my opinion our class became one of the closest, which allowed us to finish the seemingly impossible amount of projects, papers, and presentations. Each of us played an important role, and his absence was strongly felt. I know we are all better off having known Vik, and will always remember the experiences our class shared over the past few years.

[Lauren Hazucha]

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